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What is sleep, and why does it even exist?

Sleep is just a waste of time, on average you spent 33% of your precious life sleeping. Instead of sleep, there are many other things you can do… Wouldn’t it be amazing if we don’t have to sleep at all? I think it would!

Usually, I won’t go to sleep before 2AM, or even 3AM, some nights I won’t sleep at all. No matter do I have to wake up at 6:30AM or 12PM, I’ll still be awake till at least 2AM. I DON’T have insomnia or any similar condition. I just don’t feel like sleeping… I’d rather waste some time browsing twitter and chatting with some people, play some games, or watch something, than sleeping. I’m fully aware this is really bad, and I should go to bed before 12AM, but meh, I’m young, so let me do whatever I wan’t now.

If you reading this, please, don’t be salty adult and leave me alone.